Why the Alliance Party?

Our Vision and Guiding Principles

The two dominant American political parties give voters few viable options. Many feel they must choose from the “lesser of two evils.” It is now time to address our growing political dysfunction by establishing a modern, moderate party based on the following four principles:

  • Requiring and enforcing term limits in order to put true public servants in office; not career politicians who are primarily interested in their re-election

  • Holding elected officials to high ethical behavior, transparency, and accountability

  • Legislating and governing from the center; putting the common good and problem-solving above party loyalty and partisanship

  • Strengthening our national and state economies and global competitiveness without the distractions of “single-issue” and divisive politics

Our Story

In 2013, a prominent Democrat and a prominent Republican decided that they had had enough of the status quo: it was time to set aside differences in order to make the future better for all. The Democrat was former South Carolina Superintendent of Education and higher education administrator, Dr. Jim Rex. The Republican was former gubernatorial candidate and national 2015 Family Physician of the Year, Dr. Oscar Lovelace. Their positive message resonated across the state of South Carolina. By 2014, the American Party of South Carolina was certified with over 16,000 signatures of registered voters. In that year’s midterm elections, the American Party endorsed 4 candidates and gained over 153,000 votes, becoming the third most popular party in South Carolina.

On October 14, 2018, a group of successful independent state political organizations that have won seats at the table on local and regional levels joined together to create The Alliance Party. It is a new political party with a modern, centrist leaning, fiscally responsible, common sense, nonpartisan, problem solving agenda.

The American Party of South Carolina is a Founding Member of the Alliance Party. The American Party’s former chair and Co-Founder, Dr. Jim Rex, is National Vice Chair. If you haven’t already, please visit our new site, The Alliance Party, and like and follow us on social media.