Sensible Solutions for a Better America

  • Decrease the National debt while ensuring a strong national defense and essential social programs through a deliberate, balanced, and comprehensive approach that will not do damage to our economic recovery. (e.g. Simpson/Bowles Plan)

  • Create a strong, public school system that encourages innovation, rigor, more options, and success for all children with an increased emphasis on early childhood education.

  • Create an efficient, effective health care system that emphasizes preventative care and encourages healthy lifestyles for all Americans.

  • Provide strong unequivocal support for the Second Amendment - coupled with responsible, reasonable regulations and programs. (i.e. strong, universal background check system and better mental health diagnosis and treatment.)

  • Initiate comprehensive tax reform to acquire a simpler, fairer tax system that supports economic growth and encourages work, savings and investment.

  • Implement a comprehensive immigration policy that provides a reasonable pathway to citizenship, encouragement of high skill and high knowledge immigration, employer accountability, and a strengthened national border.

  • Reform Campaign Funding by doing away with the effects of the Supreme Court ruling (i.e. Citizens United) by legislation and/or amendment; requiring immediate and total transparency; and posting all donors and amounts regardless of source.

  • Reform Ethics Legislation by requiring the disclosure of all sources of income as a candidate and as an elected official. Have stand-alone ethics commissions at state and federal levels to investigate, enforce, and discipline.

  • Establish independent re-districting commissions in every state to stop elected officials from re-drawing their districts to benefit themselves (gerrymandering).

  • Give to every voter in every state the right to consider recalling an elected official who has violated the public trust through serious misconduct and/or malfeasance while in office.

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