Get Involved

The American Party Volunteers


Join Your Local Chapter

You can join your local Alliance Party organization as we organize on a county-by-county basis throughout South Carolina. You will be given leadership and service opportunities, as well as comradery of like-minded individuals who believe that there should be a better approach to politics.

Connect and Engage with Us on Social Media

You can engage with us on your social media platforms, so we can spread the word about the Alliance Party! Connect with us on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Engage with us and share our photos, stories, and news with your followers, friends, and family.

Host a Coffee Talk

You can host a get-together with your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to help spread the word of the Alliance Party! If you have the commitment of 8 or more individuals, we will send a speaker to talk with your group about our history, our present, and our future.

Scout for Future Alliance Party Candidates

You can keep your eyes open for new candidates to run on the Alliance Party ticket! We are committed to recruiting and nominating highly qualified “citizen-legislators” to run for open seats and against incumbents on the local and state level.

Want to Help Recruit Volunteers? Download the Volunteer Flyer Here, Print, and Share!