A New Choice for All

A New Choice for Independent Candidates and Voters

Independent voters are the new majority in America. 46% of all Americans identify themselves as Independents and nearly 70% of the largest voting age segment- millennials- say they are Independents.

A growing majority of us are increasingly convinced that we don’t see the two narrowly defined and competing choices that have historically been provided to us as viable. Americans are fed up with the gridlock and inadequacy provided by the Republican and Democratic Duopoly.

The American Party, initially certified by the state of South Carolina in January of 2014, has garnered nearly 200,000 votes from South Carolina voters in its brief time on the ballot. Many of these voters are disgruntled former Republicans and Democrats, but the majority are long time or newly declared Independents.

On October 14, 2018 a group of successful independent state political organizations joined together to create The Alliance Party. It is a new political party with a modern, centrist leaning, fiscally responsible, common sense, nonpartisan, problem solving agenda.

We are witnessing the demise of the Political Duopoly in America. It is disappearing because of the damage it is doing to our national unity and its inability to meet new challenges, solve long standing problems and provide equal opportunity to our citizens.

Please consider joining our effort to get the Alliance Party on the ballot in all 50 states and to give Independents and disillusioned Democrats and Republicans a new choice.

To learn more about our new approach to politics in America, please visit or call:
Facebook: Alliance Party of South Carolina
Twitter: @AlliancePTYSC

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